Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mimi/Angus "Naughty" Litter Update :-)

The blue piglets have all settled in to their new homes! :-) It is so great to get updates and pictures of them on their new adventures! Mr Jeremiah is still here to grow up and he seems to be fitting in well. He has such a sweet little personality just like his mom Mimi and dad Angus. :-) Mr Kiefer found a new home not too far away with a nice couple so it looks like I'll get to watch him grow up too. He has a blue merle Cardigan brother that is only a day older and Kiefer's new name is Nickel. Ms Lentil (now known as Scout) made it safely to Arizona with her new family and they are definitely in love with her. They report that she is a very smart little girl and is keeping her Dachshund sister Dolly very active.
Scout (fka Lentil) with her new mom in the RV heading off to Arizona

Scout (fka Lentil) exploring her new digs :-)

Nickel (fka Kiefer) with his new brother Magic