Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cardigan Corgi Fun!!! :-)

Here is a cute video of Prince George Uno Plumpy Pants (Ditto/Charles) enjoying play time with his "brother" Prince Hairy (a.k.a. Minion), kitty sister & Aunties Mabel & Rocket. Please enjoy! :-)

Available Blue Fluffy Cardigan Puppy :-)

Meet Mr Minion (a.k.a. Prince Hairy/Prince Fluff-n-Stuff). He is a 9 week old blue fluffy male Cardigan looking for a great companion home. He comes from a fellow breeder who allowed me to borrow him to grow up with my Ditto/Charles singleton Prince George (not available). :-) They are definitely quite the pair and Minion is a sweet and laid back (yet still active) fluffy guy. His breeder and I are working together to try and find him a perfect home. Minion is a social guy that is coming along well on his crate & house training. He gets along well with the other dogs and Prince George's kitten sister! :-) He has been dewormed and will come with age appropriate vaccinations. If you are interested in this pouffy fellow feel free to e-mail me for more information. 

Circus Puppy! 

Minion says "Being so cute and fluffy is hard work!"

Such a happy guy! :-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Angus Enjoying the Beach In Portland, OR

Here are some pictures I received from Angus's new family of him enjoying himself on the beach in OR with his new Cardigan sister Meryn. He has been neutered and appears to be revealing in his new role as companion dog extraordinaire! :-) I miss him every day but it seems like he is happy!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mimi/Angus Blue Piglets Pupdates :-)

Mr Nickel (f.k.a. Kiefer) enjoying some pool time with his brother Magic in the Texas heat

Ms Scout (f.k.a. Lentil) says "I'm all ears"! She is living it up in Arizona & her new owners report she is a smart & happy girl :-)
 Since the last update, the decision was made to place Mr Jeremiah into a companion home where he could grow and blossom. It was a hard decision because I had gotten very attached to him but I know that he is in a great home with a couple who will love him just as much (or maybe more)! :-) He is a big city dog now in Washington D.C. and appears to be relishing his role as the only dog. His new name is Thatcher.

Thatcher taking in the sights of D.C. (It appears we finally have lift off of his giant Mimi ears!)

Thatcher on the day he left (his new mom flew down to pick him up)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies 1 Year Later....

I cannot believe that the Mimi/Fudge litter turned 1 year old at the end of August! Time sure has flown and the past year has seen many new accomplishments & adventures for each of the fabulous five. :-) Regardless of where they are or what they are doing, these puppies all have great temperaments and bring joy & happiness to their owners every day! I am so glad Elaine let me use Fudge for Ms Mimi's 1st litter.
Paisley has gone to a nice companion home where she will be loved as a precious friend. It seems that the show ring just wasn't her thing but I know she will have a happy life regardless! :-) 
Oliver is living the high life with his fluffy brindle Cardigan brother Wendell & I still get to see him when he comes up to the clinic with his office manager mom Heather for play dates with my crew. He is doing his best to help fill her "empty nest". :-P
Oliver (in party hat) celebrates his 1st birthday with fluffy brother Wendell (left) & friends
Quincy finally settled in a wonderful companion/performance home in Sacremento, CA where he gets to enjoy the perks as an only dog. Kathy and Ellie have big plans in store for this happy go lucky guy & he is doing a great job of helping to heal their hearts! :-) He will be known officially as Snapdragon Once In a Blue Moon.
Quincy the party animal! :-)
CH Snapdragon Trudytales Fudge Factor (Bodie; f.k.a. Nigel) winning a 5 point major with owner Elaine
 Bodie (f.k.a. Nigel, owned by Fudge's mom Elaine in Georgia) & Mabel both finished their AKC championships within a week span of each other. They have grown up very nicely & have received many compliments from those who have seen them show.

CH Snapdragon Bless Your Heart (Mabel) winning a major in Houston with handler Barbara