Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies 1 week old...

The Mimi/Fudge smooshies celebrated their 1 week birthday yesterday! :-) They have all doubled their birth weights and pigment is starting to darken. Mimi is being a great mom! I have decided to go ahead and give them names instead of just referring to them by color/gender. The names are: Paisley/Pickle (blue girl), Quincy (blue boy), Oliver (bigger black boy), Nigel (black boy) & Mabel (black girl). These names are not set in stone and I welcome all suggestions. It is so hard to think of unique names! I also do not have a theme for registered names yet.
Paisley/Pickle left side

Paisley/Pickle right side

Quincy right side

Quincy left side

Oliver right side

Oliver left side

Nigel right side

Nigel left side

Mabel right side

Mabel left side

Tired Mimi and Smooshies (L to R- Quincy, Nigel, Mabel, Paisley/Pickle, Oliver)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies 1 day old

All of the smooshies are doing well. They lost a little weight initially but are now either back to birth weight or gaining! :-) Everyone is nursing well & scooting around the box like puppies on a mission. Guess I cannot call them furry little slugs. Maybe furry little racing slugs?! :-) The little family and I made it through work yesterday up at the clinic (even with a couple hours of sleep on my part). Mimi is being a very good mommy and seems pleased with her smooshies. We came up with some tentative names at work yesterday which are: Pickles (blue girl), Quincy (blue boy), Oliver (bigger black boy), Nigel (black boy, bigger blaze), Mabel (black girl)
Breakfast is served (L-R bigger blk boy, blk boy, blue girl, blue boy, blk girl)

Blue girl & black girl snuggle

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fudge/Mimi Smooshies Have Arrived!

I would like to officially welcome to the world 5 new little Fudge/Mimi smooshies! The break down is as follows: 1 blue girl (11.9oz), 1 blue boy (lots of black, 14.2oz), 1 black boy (15.5oz), 1 black boy (14.4oz) & 1 black girl (13.3 oz). Mimi was quite the trooper whelping such large puppies. Puppies are doing well and Mimi is being a great mommy! :-) Still thinking on names for these guys and gals. I will be starting from Q and going through N as Ditto's litter last year ended on R with Riley.
Smooshies at almost 1 day old  (Bottom to top-black M, blue M, black F, blue F, black M)

Just born smooshies at the milk bar

Top to bottom (black M, blue M, black F, black M, blue F)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fudge/Mimi Smooshies Baking Right Along....

So, I took Mimi to work with me today for official x-rays to try and find out exactly how many puppies she might be carrying. The final consensus at the clinic was 6-7 puppies. She is definitely starting to bulge outwards instead of just sagging! I have actually been able to feel the babies move which is fascinating to me. Mimi is being such a trooper throughout this whole pregnancy and I am hoping for a quick and easy whelp with healthy mom and smooshies. 
The Fudge/Mimi smooshies should make their debut on the 20th or 21st, so stay tuned! :-) Also, there are still spots available for pet/performance homes. If you are interested, please contact me and I can send a puppy questionnaire via e-mail. Both parents have been health tested and have great temperaments, so the puppies should be healthy and super happy. :-) Colors expected are blue merle and black/white with tan or brindle points.