Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies 1 day old

All of the smooshies are doing well. They lost a little weight initially but are now either back to birth weight or gaining! :-) Everyone is nursing well & scooting around the box like puppies on a mission. Guess I cannot call them furry little slugs. Maybe furry little racing slugs?! :-) The little family and I made it through work yesterday up at the clinic (even with a couple hours of sleep on my part). Mimi is being a very good mommy and seems pleased with her smooshies. We came up with some tentative names at work yesterday which are: Pickles (blue girl), Quincy (blue boy), Oliver (bigger black boy), Nigel (black boy, bigger blaze), Mabel (black girl)
Breakfast is served (L-R bigger blk boy, blk boy, blue girl, blue boy, blk girl)

Blue girl & black girl snuggle

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