Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies 1 week old...

The Mimi/Fudge smooshies celebrated their 1 week birthday yesterday! :-) They have all doubled their birth weights and pigment is starting to darken. Mimi is being a great mom! I have decided to go ahead and give them names instead of just referring to them by color/gender. The names are: Paisley/Pickle (blue girl), Quincy (blue boy), Oliver (bigger black boy), Nigel (black boy) & Mabel (black girl). These names are not set in stone and I welcome all suggestions. It is so hard to think of unique names! I also do not have a theme for registered names yet.
Paisley/Pickle left side

Paisley/Pickle right side

Quincy right side

Quincy left side

Oliver right side

Oliver left side

Nigel right side

Nigel left side

Mabel right side

Mabel left side

Tired Mimi and Smooshies (L to R- Quincy, Nigel, Mabel, Paisley/Pickle, Oliver)

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    Wow - great pics. Congrats!!!