Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fudge/Mimi Smooshies Have Arrived!

I would like to officially welcome to the world 5 new little Fudge/Mimi smooshies! The break down is as follows: 1 blue girl (11.9oz), 1 blue boy (lots of black, 14.2oz), 1 black boy (15.5oz), 1 black boy (14.4oz) & 1 black girl (13.3 oz). Mimi was quite the trooper whelping such large puppies. Puppies are doing well and Mimi is being a great mommy! :-) Still thinking on names for these guys and gals. I will be starting from Q and going through N as Ditto's litter last year ended on R with Riley.
Smooshies at almost 1 day old  (Bottom to top-black M, blue M, black F, blue F, black M)

Just born smooshies at the milk bar

Top to bottom (black M, blue M, black F, black M, blue F)

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