Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mimi/Angus Blue Piglets Pupdates :-)

Mr Nickel (f.k.a. Kiefer) enjoying some pool time with his brother Magic in the Texas heat

Ms Scout (f.k.a. Lentil) says "I'm all ears"! She is living it up in Arizona & her new owners report she is a smart & happy girl :-)
 Since the last update, the decision was made to place Mr Jeremiah into a companion home where he could grow and blossom. It was a hard decision because I had gotten very attached to him but I know that he is in a great home with a couple who will love him just as much (or maybe more)! :-) He is a big city dog now in Washington D.C. and appears to be relishing his role as the only dog. His new name is Thatcher.

Thatcher taking in the sights of D.C. (It appears we finally have lift off of his giant Mimi ears!)

Thatcher on the day he left (his new mom flew down to pick him up)

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