Sunday, September 29, 2013

Available Blue Fluffy Cardigan Puppy :-)

Meet Mr Minion (a.k.a. Prince Hairy/Prince Fluff-n-Stuff). He is a 9 week old blue fluffy male Cardigan looking for a great companion home. He comes from a fellow breeder who allowed me to borrow him to grow up with my Ditto/Charles singleton Prince George (not available). :-) They are definitely quite the pair and Minion is a sweet and laid back (yet still active) fluffy guy. His breeder and I are working together to try and find him a perfect home. Minion is a social guy that is coming along well on his crate & house training. He gets along well with the other dogs and Prince George's kitten sister! :-) He has been dewormed and will come with age appropriate vaccinations. If you are interested in this pouffy fellow feel free to e-mail me for more information. 

Circus Puppy! 

Minion says "Being so cute and fluffy is hard work!"

Such a happy guy! :-)


  1. OMD! He's about the cutest Cardi pup EVER! You are going to be flooded with apps!

  2. Is there a number I could reach you at? I am very interested in this pup

  3. He is absolutely adorable!! Hope he found a great home!

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