Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mimi/Fudge Smooshies Update

Yes, I know it has been awhile since I posted but this year has proved to be just a touch hectic already! I cannot believe it is already the middle of February! All of the Mimi/Fudge smooshies are in their new homes and moving right along in their new adventures. There are so many good things for these guys and gals! :-)
Mr Oliver ended up going to live with fluffy boy Wendell from the Ditto/Chase litter (Riley's brother). Their owner is the office manager at the clinic where I work, so I still get to see both boys on a regular basis. Riley & Mabel usually get to have play dates once a week with their brothers.
Ms Mabel is growing nicely and fits in here just fine. She recently went off on a month long show dog "boot camp" with my long time handler to learn how to be a better fancy pants show dog. She traveled all over and seemed to take everything in stride. Such a good girl! Her first official show is fast approaching and then it is off to the Cardigan National Specialty.
While Mabel was away playing future show dog, I got to play with Ms Paisley who lives in Arkansas. I am so glad her new owner let me play with her for a little while! :-) She is maturing nicely and will make an appearance at the Nationals too.
Mr Bodie (f.k.a. Nigel) is turning into a very handsome boy and his having a blast with Elaine in Georgia (Fudge's owner). He recently had some fun ring experience in Atlanta and handled it like a pro! :-)
Mr Quincy will be at Nationals as well. I am told by his new owners that he is a handsome boy and has quite the personality!
Bodie strutting his stuff in Atlanta GA

Mr Bodie again

Sweet girl Paisley

Melting puppy Paisley

Snow dog Mabel

Ms Mabel enjoying her new sleeping spot on my chest!  :-)