Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ditto/Chase Puppies Pupdates

All of the Ditchas have now found their new homes! :-)
Mr. Topper (a.k.a Tater) found a lovely show home with Kathleen McCombs in Waco, TX. Topper had been staying with Penni in New Mexico for the last 2 & 1/2 months until we could find him a home.The show season had ended for the year there, so he flew back here on Friday. He was a real trooper for his approximately 8 hour plane trip. I took him to the dog show in Alvarado after work on Saturday because Kathleen had expressed interest in seeing him. He went for a sleep over that night to see how he would do with her pack. Tooper made himself right at home and acted as if he had always lived there. Needless to say, Kathleen and her husband were smitten with Mr. Personality. I look forward to seeing him at shows and getting to watch how he grows up. 
All of the other puppies appear to be doing well in their new homes. They seem to have adjusted easily and are helping to heal hearts. Riley, Rango (f.k.a. Vance), Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) and Topper will be starting their show careers in the next few months.
Torch enjoying the sunshine with sister Thimble

Riley heading off to show "boot camp"

Tegan catching some Z's with Kyra (14 yr old Cardigan) in Maine

Meko on the beach in California

Rango helping to ensure sweet dreams :-)

Sleepy Zoey

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  1. What a great bunch of babies! The Rango photo is really lovely. Kathleen tells me that Topper/Tater will be Killian (as in Killian's Red) -- that's a great name for the deep red boy.