Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope all of the new puppy owners are doing well and enjoying their new smooshies. I really appreciate all of the pictures and pupdates from everyone. It makes it easier with the puppies so far away, to know that they are settling in well and helping heal hearts! :-) Remember, if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Also, pictures are always welcome! I love to see how the smooshies are developing.

Bumblebee Riley

Bumblebee Riley

Riley imitating Auntie Thumper

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Updated Pictures & Other Misc. Stuff

I know it seems like forever since my last blog but not much has changed. Zoey (my last puppy left at home) will be heading to her new home with Kathy in Las Vegas, Nevada this Wednesday. It will be hard to let her go but I know Kathy will LOVE her and give her a GREAT home! :-)
Riley and I have been attending a puppy kindergarten so that she can learn to be a smart girl. She has caught on pretty quickly. We have also started attending a conformation handling class so that she can learn what is needed to be a fancy show girl. It is also so I can learn how to handle too! I have been spoiled by my awesome handler Barbara Weiner who makes everything look so easy. :-)
My blue girl Thumper (Coedwig's Blue My Mind) is still working on finishing her AKC conformation title. She has both of her majors and a single point I believe, so we just need to find the rest of those singles. I wish she would finish because I really miss her when she is gone. I would also like to get her started in some other activity, maybe agility or herding?
Tater (Topper) is still looking for a good show/performance home. He is currently staying with Penni in New Mexico. He is DM clear through parentage and is a happy, athletic and eager to please young fellow. If interested, please fill out and submit the puppy application on Penni's blog.
Riley & Zoey catching some Z's on the couch


Meko's (f.k.a. Xanadu) ears stand up

Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) after romping in a pumpkin patch in San Francisco, CA

Wendell says "REALLY"!

Pretty Boy Tater (Topper)

Pretty Boy Tater (Topper)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) & Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) Pictures

All of the puppies except Topper (Tater Tot) have gone to their new homes. Topper (Tater Tot) is still looking for a nice show/performance home to call his own. He is in New Mexico with Penni and she let me know that they will try to get current stacked pictures of him. I thought I would post some recent pictures of the smooshies I received from their new owners. I love getting pictures of the puppies off on new adventures!
On another note, it looks like ear taping may be in order for those smooshies who haven't quite tamed their big ears to stand at attention. There should be a handout in your puppy information notebook.
Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) in San Francisco

Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) in San Francisco

Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) looking dashing in his tape crown

Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) in Oregon