Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) & Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) Pictures

All of the puppies except Topper (Tater Tot) have gone to their new homes. Topper (Tater Tot) is still looking for a nice show/performance home to call his own. He is in New Mexico with Penni and she let me know that they will try to get current stacked pictures of him. I thought I would post some recent pictures of the smooshies I received from their new owners. I love getting pictures of the puppies off on new adventures!
On another note, it looks like ear taping may be in order for those smooshies who haven't quite tamed their big ears to stand at attention. There should be a handout in your puppy information notebook.
Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) in San Francisco

Meko (f.k.a. Xanadu) in San Francisco

Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) looking dashing in his tape crown

Torch (f.k.a. Yancey) in Oregon

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  1. Meko's ears are still up after tape removal three days ago. Fingers crossed that they stay that way. Lots of explaining to do about why she was wearing a tape tiara!