Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xanadu Heads Off To Her New Home

Well, little Ms Fluffer Nutter Xanadu and I made an early morning trip to DFW airport this morning to meet up with her new mommy. Julie flew in from San Francisco, CA so that Xanadu could ride in the cabin of the airplane. Ms Fluffy Pants will get to live the sweet life as a pampered companion with Julie, her husband and their 11 year old son. They promise to send lots of pictures and may even do some non competition agility to challenge Xanadu's mind.  I hope Xanadu has fun on her new adventure! :-) I know I will miss you Little Ms Pouffey Pants!
Xanadu after the ear tape was taken off 1 day ago (only 1 ear is still standing now)


  1. She is flat-out cute. I hope Julie's family appreciates this darling little girl. They had better send photos or I will dispatch the San Francisco branch of the family to remind them!

  2. We LOVE Meko! She went to her first puppy social today at SF Puppy Prep and will start Puppy Kindergarten next Saturday. She is absolutely delightful and we are having so much fun with her. Both ears are down, so tomorrow I will attempt to tape them and send before and after pictures :-)

  3. Julie, I am so glad you guys love her! :-) I hope she does well in puppy class. Sister Riley started puppy kindergarten last night.