Thursday, September 8, 2011

Topper & Xanadu Still Available......

Well, I know this day had to come but it is still odd only having 3 puppies at my house to take care of. I wish I could say it was a little quieter with a third of the puppies around. However, the remaining 3 feel it is their duty to make up for their missing siblings! :-)The only 2 smooshies of the Ditto/Chase litter still looking for their new homes are Topper and Xanadu. Chase's health clearances can be seen at Chase's website or Penni's blog. Ditto is tested for OFA hips/elbows and is DM clear by DNA. If interested in either of these puppies, please submit a Puppy Application.
Topper is a red/white show prospect boy. He has a very loving personality and seems eager to please. I will be taking him on the 10th of this month to New Mexico so that he can grow up a little with Penni. If you are looking to add a stunning red show boy to your household, then he may just be the boy for you.
Xanadu is a brindle fluff girl that is looking for a great companion or performance home. She is just made for cuddling and loves to be in someones lap. She is also a very quick learner and wants to work for her person! :-) She will be staying with me until she finds a new home. Those local to the Dallas area are always welcome to come visit this sweet girl.
Mr. Topper is dreaming of being a fancy show boy!

8 Week Stacked Picture (He was trying to wag his tail & wanted to get to the treats really badly)

Ms FlufferNutter Xanadu dreaming of a new home

Xanadu says "You cannot resist my CUTENESS"!

Xanadu tells sister Zoey "Fluffs have more FUN"!

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