Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun With Tape :-)

Well, at least it is fun for me! Maybe challenging is a better word! It is VERY hard to tape ears on 12 week old puppies (by myself) that would rather be doing anything else but holding still.
Regardless of this, the girls (Riley, Zoey and Xanadu) have had to have a little help with getting their big Cardi ears to stand at attention. Granted, they would still look cute with airplane ears but there is just something enchanting about those upright ears where they are supposed to be! :-) Plus, they get GREAT reception in most buildings! :-)
The following pictures show just how mistreated the girls think they are. Never mind the mass amount of treats involved in the process!



Xanadu all tired out


  1. Cannot wait to get Xanadu! Thanks for taking such good care of all your canine friends!!

  2. Rango (Vance) and Tater (Topper) played wildly for this past week. Rango's ears came up the rest of the way. Tater is still balancing his right ear. If he doesn't have it up by this evening, he will also suffer the fate of his sisters.