Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Mexico Trip

I had a GREAT time at Penni's place in New Mexico this weekend. Topper rode well in the plane on the trip there. He will stay with Penni until he finds a good show home. I also brought 'baddog" Riley back to Texas so that she can learn to be a true Southern Belle! :-)
The landscape of New Mexico was awesome! It is so neat to see so many mountains. Plus, it was nice to go outside and not die of heat exhaustion! I got to go with Penni and see Little Miss Nola herd ornery sheep and goats. It was a new experience to see Cardi's doing what they were bred to do. It makes me think, I need to find a herding club somewhere around Dallas or North Texas. Penni was also nice enough to let Nola sleep in bed with me since I was missing my bed buddies. :-)
We also took current stacked pictures of Topper and Riley. I will post them tomorrow. Until then, appreciate the beauty of New Mexico. :-)
The view from the side of the road


Sunset over the mountains

The view from the herding site

Beautiful Landscape

Rainbow with Sunrise 

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  1. I hope next trip will be just a little longer -- there is so much we didn't have time to do. Actually, Nola volunteered to sleep with Lisa. She is always looking for a chance to sprawl on the bed. Inca also volunteered, but since she is shedding like crazy, I told her no.