Sunday, October 21, 2012

Then there were 3......

I took the smooshies up to Betty Anne's place in Arkansas today (can you say long day trip!) so that Teddy could pick her puppy and we could evaluate all of the smooshies. The overall consensus was that there was good depth of quality in this litter and they all have exceptional temperaments! :-)

Teddy decided on Mr Quincy so he headed off to Kansas with her. Before I left, Betty Anne decided she just had to have Ms Paisley, so the little blue smooshie will be staying in Arkansas. Nigel (soon to be known as Fonzie) will be flying to Elaine in Georgia on Wednesday. Mabel will be staying here to become the newest member of the Snapdragon crew! Hopefully, they will all grow up and hit the show ring after February  in 2013!  

So, that just leaves Mr Oliver available (he had a home but it fell through). He could definitely go to a show home or a good performance/pet home. He is a very happy, sweet and active boy that would do well in multiple venues. If interested in this little Fudgling please e-mail me at and I can send a puppy application.

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