Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thumper has found a new home....

Little Ms Thumper (a.k.a. Lumpling) has found a new forever home with Lynn and Peter in San Francisco, California. She will share her new household with 2 ragdoll kitties, a 13 year old Cardigan and a young adult Aussie. Lynn and Peter are super excited to have Thumper joining their home! I spayed her on Monday and she will fly out next week (weather permitting). I am sad that Thumper is leaving but I know that she will have a great life with Lynn and Peter. I just hope she behaves herself! :-)


  1. Peter and I cannot wait to pick up Thumper at the airport next week!!!

    1. I own Thumper's littermate and sister, Saiorse, up near Calgary, AB Canada. If Thumper is half as athletic, intelligent, comical and bratty as Saiorse is, you will have your hands full, but you will be laughing every day at her antics. Congratulations on your new addition! I have 4 cardis, and Saiorse is the smartest dog I have ever been trained by...

  2. She's a sweet girl and will bring her new family a lot of happiness. Are they sworn to sending photos?