Friday, July 8, 2011

Ditto/Chase Puppies 2 Weeks Old

So, I don't have any official individual pictures yet of the smooshies as I am waiting for peepers to open. Most have corners or slits open so it should not be long before their world expands. They can definitely hear me and it is so cute when they walk around like big dogs!:-) Ditto is still being an excellent mom and some how manages to keep all of their bellies full. Maybe, she is part milk cow! :-o


  1. Such pretty babies -- sleek and filled out. I'm looking forward to eyes -- then your life will really be complicated.

  2. What a contented bunch of puppies. They are so cute.

  3. Oh, Ditto! Look at this gang,how do you do it and look so great? Beautiful girl, and beautiful "smoochIes".