Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stanley (Navy boy) Joins the Pounder Club!

Mr. Stanley (navy boy) has now decided he wants to be a part of the pounder club. Xanadu (white girl) is not far behind at 15.6 ounces and the smallest two are getting there at their own pace. They may not be a pound yet but they have almost tripled their birth weights so far! :-) Still no peepers opening yet.


  1. Oooh, isn't he a HANDSOME boy! I like his head a bunch! I liked Ms. Xanadu's head, too, when I looked at her 1 week photos, as I recall. I know she'll be joining the pounders club soon!

  2. 14 to 16 days on the eyes. It's hard to be patient because that's when they start looking like puppies AND when they begin noticing their surroundings. I cannot wait for baby photos with eyes.

    G'Ma Penni