Saturday, August 13, 2011

It Is Hard Being a Puppy!!

All of the smooshies are doing well. I cannot believe they are already 7 weeks old! The time just seems to have flown by. :-) I can still remember talking to them inside of Ditto and when they were just little furry slugs. The official puppy evaluation party is next Saturday. Penni will be flying in and hopefully we will also have a collection of other Cardigan breeders in attendance. Some of the smooshies will even be going to their new homes soon. It will be sad on my end but I know they will be going to GREAT homes! :-)
On another note, congratulations Penni (and owners) on the wins of the Chase/Scouts puppies at the Western Reserve!
Here are some pictures to enjoy. I know most of them are of sleeping smooshies but it is hard to get good pictures when they are awake. They have 2 speeds right now, fast or asleep! Lol

Riley in her favorite sleeping spot

Sleepy Topper

Sleepy Wendell

Sleepy Vance

Upward Facing Smooshies!

Vance (left) & Yancey (right)

Smooshies first rain experience! They had fun getting dirty and wet. Silly puppies! :-)

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