Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Smooshies Have Fun Outside!

Topper & Vance

All of the smooshies are doing GREAT! They are changing everyday and learning new (sometimes naughty) things each day. They also enjoy playing with their aunties. I have not had a chance to get official 5 week old pictures since my helper had to go back to work. I will try and get some 6 week pictures this weekend. Here are some outside pictures and random pictures to tide everyone over.

Yancey & Auntie Mimi
Vance likes the grass!


Ditto still loves her smooshies! :-)

Yancey, Vance & Riley

Sweet face Yancey!

Yancey likes his bone

Riley says "Let me out"!

Smooshies say "Feed us NOW"! 

Sweet girl Utopia


  1. The photos make me want to scoop them up and hug them. Very cute. I'm looking forward to the puppy party.

  2. Definitely adorable! I'm still liking Ms. Riley!

  3. Definitely need more pictures! They are adorable. Very huggable. Can't wait to hear about the puppy party and what people think and being able to see the pictures.

  4. They are cuties!!! I'm starting to think there's a naughty gene on Chase's side of the family tree...

  5. I'm SHOCKED, Builder Mama! Shocked, I tell you! I had to cover Chase's ears when I was reading him the comments!