Saturday, August 27, 2011

Utopia Is Headed to Her New Home in Maine.....


Well, we thought we could beat Hurricane Irene and get Utopia to her new home in Maine today but I guess Mother nature had different plans! Michelle came and picked up Utopia from the clinic this morning so that she could fly her in cabin to her mother in Maine. However, all flights in that area of the country have been cancelled. Hopefully, everyone in the path of Irene will stay safe! Utopia will just get to spend a little more time with her siblings and we will try again at the end of the week. I know my mom will enjoy having more cuddle time with Utopia (she was her favorite)! :-)

Picture of Utopia from Puppy Party taken by Emily ( DreamEyce Studio)
On another note, Wendell is doing GREAT in his new home. His new family really loves him and I hear that he may even get his own blog soon! :-) It also works because I get to see him when Heather (office manager at the clinic where I work) brings him to work for extra cuddles and love. Oh, did I mention Wendell is also very fashion forward! Lol

Rapper Wendell Looking Fly at the Clinic!

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