Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Xanadu Heads Off To Her New Home

Well, little Ms Fluffer Nutter Xanadu and I made an early morning trip to DFW airport this morning to meet up with her new mommy. Julie flew in from San Francisco, CA so that Xanadu could ride in the cabin of the airplane. Ms Fluffy Pants will get to live the sweet life as a pampered companion with Julie, her husband and their 11 year old son. They promise to send lots of pictures and may even do some non competition agility to challenge Xanadu's mind.  I hope Xanadu has fun on her new adventure! :-) I know I will miss you Little Ms Pouffey Pants!
Xanadu after the ear tape was taken off 1 day ago (only 1 ear is still standing now)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fun With Tape :-)

Well, at least it is fun for me! Maybe challenging is a better word! It is VERY hard to tape ears on 12 week old puppies (by myself) that would rather be doing anything else but holding still.
Regardless of this, the girls (Riley, Zoey and Xanadu) have had to have a little help with getting their big Cardi ears to stand at attention. Granted, they would still look cute with airplane ears but there is just something enchanting about those upright ears where they are supposed to be! :-) Plus, they get GREAT reception in most buildings! :-)
The following pictures show just how mistreated the girls think they are. Never mind the mass amount of treats involved in the process!



Xanadu all tired out

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday Morning....

So far the dogs and I have had a very relaxing weekend. The small amount of rain we received over the last few days and the cooler temperatures (actually in the 80's) have been a welcome relief. Please enjoy these pictures of smooshies (& mommy Ditto) enjoying their Sunday morning naps! :-)
Mommy Ditto still loves her smooshies!

Upward facing Zoey

Ms Riley found the cool spot under the desk

Zoey (left) loves her sister Xanadu (right)

Ms Riley catching some sun :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Xanadu Is Still Looking For a Home!

Sweet Xanadu is a fluffy brindle girl that is looking for a good performance/companion home. She will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. She is active, attentive and is eager to please! :-) If you are interested in adding this sweet girl to your household please fill out a puppy application on Penni's blog.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Topper 11 Week Stacked Pictures

This is Topper (a.k.a. Tater Tot). He is 11 weeks old in this photo.  His pedigree can be seen here.  His dad is the Chase ( Am/Can CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD HSAs RN VC CGC TT) and his mom is Ditto (CH Coedwig’s Dejavu), a Carbon daughter.  Topper is DM clear (both parents were DNA tested clear).  Both parents are OFA certified for Hips and Elbows.  Chase’s health clearances are all on his website
I also have Topper's  fluffy brindle sister available to a performance or companion home. She is very smart and responsive. Photos of her can be found on previous blog posts. Please contact Penni or I if you are interested in either Topper or Xanadu.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Mexico Trip

I had a GREAT time at Penni's place in New Mexico this weekend. Topper rode well in the plane on the trip there. He will stay with Penni until he finds a good show home. I also brought 'baddog" Riley back to Texas so that she can learn to be a true Southern Belle! :-)
The landscape of New Mexico was awesome! It is so neat to see so many mountains. Plus, it was nice to go outside and not die of heat exhaustion! I got to go with Penni and see Little Miss Nola herd ornery sheep and goats. It was a new experience to see Cardi's doing what they were bred to do. It makes me think, I need to find a herding club somewhere around Dallas or North Texas. Penni was also nice enough to let Nola sleep in bed with me since I was missing my bed buddies. :-)
We also took current stacked pictures of Topper and Riley. I will post them tomorrow. Until then, appreciate the beauty of New Mexico. :-)
The view from the side of the road


Sunset over the mountains

The view from the herding site

Beautiful Landscape

Rainbow with Sunrise 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Topper & Xanadu Still Available......

Well, I know this day had to come but it is still odd only having 3 puppies at my house to take care of. I wish I could say it was a little quieter with a third of the puppies around. However, the remaining 3 feel it is their duty to make up for their missing siblings! :-)The only 2 smooshies of the Ditto/Chase litter still looking for their new homes are Topper and Xanadu. Chase's health clearances can be seen at Chase's website or Penni's blog. Ditto is tested for OFA hips/elbows and is DM clear by DNA. If interested in either of these puppies, please submit a Puppy Application.
Topper is a red/white show prospect boy. He has a very loving personality and seems eager to please. I will be taking him on the 10th of this month to New Mexico so that he can grow up a little with Penni. If you are looking to add a stunning red show boy to your household, then he may just be the boy for you.
Xanadu is a brindle fluff girl that is looking for a great companion or performance home. She is just made for cuddling and loves to be in someones lap. She is also a very quick learner and wants to work for her person! :-) She will be staying with me until she finds a new home. Those local to the Dallas area are always welcome to come visit this sweet girl.
Mr. Topper is dreaming of being a fancy show boy!

8 Week Stacked Picture (He was trying to wag his tail & wanted to get to the treats really badly)

Ms FlufferNutter Xanadu dreaming of a new home

Xanadu says "You cannot resist my CUTENESS"!

Xanadu tells sister Zoey "Fluffs have more FUN"!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Utopia & Vance Go To Their New Homes

Utopia headed off to her new home with Michelle's mother in Maine on Saturday. The flight went smoothly and Michelle reports that Utopia seems to have settled in just fine.
I also said goodbye to Vance (Snapdragon Suddenly Last Summer) today. He is on a road trip to New Mexico with Johnny and Laura. He will get to grow up on a farm and be a fancy show dog! They were also considering agility for him in the future. It seems the skies the limit for Vance (name will most likely change)! :-)
So now, I guess I will enjoy the 3 remaining puppies at my house. Zoey has a home but she will be staying with me until October and Topper will be traveling with me to New Mexico in a week to stay with Penni until we can find a show home for him. Topper is red/white, DM clear through parentage (both Chase and Ditto are clear) and a fluff carrier (through DNA). He is very biddable and is a big lover!
Xanadu (fluffy brindle girl) is still available to a companion/performance home. I think she would do well in obedience or therapy work, as she is very attentive and willing to please. Surely, there are some fluff lovers out there!
Kyra (14 yrs old) shows Utopia around in Maine

Sleepy Boy Vance

Topper says "I was trying to sleep'! (10 weeks)

Ms Fluffer Nutter (Xanadu)